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Tamper evident labels printing service

The year 2020 brought about lots of changes in our lives and in every sector. One of the most noticeable changes was the growth in online goods turnover. This new reality brought about new challenges, one of which includes people’s personal hygienic safety and security. That is why we created this product that is intended for sealing foods, drinks, or the packages of other products. This seal will enable customers to be confident that the food, drinks, or other products they ordered has reached them safely and untouched from the point of sales. It is also the best solution for restaurant chains, distributors, online platforms, and other companies to prove to their customers how much they care, as well as to ensure their security.

Security seal / tamper evident labels are printed in full color on the front side of adhesive-backed paper stock with aggressive adhesive.

The available size is 1×3 in a rectangular shape that has special die-cuts. This is done to ensure that the label will not come off the surface easily and that it will instead destruct when ripped off.

The artwork included a special guilloche design that is impossible to replicate. A security printing pattern was also used that is impossible to achieve using typical digital printing.

These options will provide your labels with additional protection. The labels come in rolls of 500 for easy use.

At the moment, we are offering the following 5 generic designs:

You can also order your special design and special shape security seal label.

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