Fluorescent Pink Paper

Fluorescent Pink Paper

Fluorescent paper is a specialized material frequently utilized in roll-label printing, particularly for applications that demand high visibility and immediate attention. This paper is renowned for its vivid and attention-grabbing fluorescent colors, making it an ideal choice for warning labels, cautionary signs, and other critical notifications. The bold and vibrant shades, which include neon Red, neon Orange, brilliant Green, bright Yellow, and striking Pink, ensure that labels printed on fluorescent paper are impossible to ignore.

One of the primary applications of fluorescent paper is for warning labels, where its ability to capture attention is vital for alerting individuals to potential hazards. Whether it involves conveying safety instructions on machinery, chemicals, or electrical equipment, fluorescent paper labels immediately draw the eye and effectively communicate essential information. The intense colors serve as visual cues, swiftly directing focus to the warning message.

Although various surface finishing options (such as gloss, matte laminations, and UV Varnish) are available for Fluorescent Paper material, we strongly discourage their use, as they may detract from the material’s primary purpose.

Adhesive: A robust hot-melt adhesive, known for its excellent adhesion and quick bonding to a wide range of surfaces, even across a broad spectrum of application temperatures.

Minimum Application Temperature: 25 °F

Service Temperature: –50 to 140 °F

Liner: 40# paper. This bleached, calendered backing offers excellent die-cutting and stripping capabilities.

Shelf Life: 12 month(s) when stored at 72°F with 50% relative humidity

Key Features:

  • Vibrant neon paper designed for outstanding visibility
  • Thickness: 60# paper
  • Limited resistance to water and oil
  • Discouraged use of surface finishing options (e.g., lamination, varnish)
  • Versatile hot melt adhesive suitable for general purposes

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