Natural Kraft Paper

Natural Kraft Paper

Natural Kraft Paper is a versatile and eco-friendly material specifically designed for roll label printing. This paper is characterized by its earthy, brown color and a textured surface that showcases its natural fibres. Natural Kraft Paper offers a rustic and organic aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for applications that prioritize a natural and eco-conscious image.

With its inherent texture and earthy appeal, Natural Kraft Paper adds a unique and artisanal touch to labels. The paper’s natural fibers create a textured surface that enhances the label’s visual appeal and conveys a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship. This texture becomes an integral part of the label design, providing a tactile experience that resonates with eco-minded consumers.

To fully embrace the charm of Natural Kraft Paper, it is recommended to utilize a “light” design approach. By opting for minimalist and clean designs, the natural texture of the paper can shine through without being overwhelmed by heavy or intricate design elements. This allows the distinctive characteristics of Natural Kraft Paper to be showcased, enhancing the overall aesthetic and reinforcing the eco-friendly image.

The combination of Natural Kraft Paper’s earthy appearance, textured surface, and thoughtful use of light design results in labels that exude a natural and authentic appeal. Whether used for organic products, sustainable packaging, or handmade goods, Natural Kraft Paper elevates the visual impact of labels, creating a connection with environmentally conscious consumers. Embrace the beauty of Natural Kraft Paper and let its earthy texture and rustic charm enhance the appeal of your label designs.

NO surface finishing options (gloss, matte laminations, UV Varnish, etc.) are available for Natural Kraft Paper material. 

Adhesive: A general-purpose hot melt adhesive with excellent quick-stick properties.  This adhesive exhibits excellent adhesion to a broad range of packaging surfaces and has improved die cutting and stripping attributes compared to other hot melt rubber-based adhesives.

Minimum Application Temperature: 40 °F

Service Temperature: -50 to 150 °F

Liner: #40 bleached, calendered paper liner.

Shelf Life: 12 months (s) when stored at 72° F, 50% RH

Not recommended for labeling highly curved surfaces.

Main points:

  • Weight: 65#
  • Eco-friendly, natural look
  • Easily tears
  • Not suitable for outdoor
  • No surface finishing options (lamination, varnish, etc.) are available.
  • Hot melt rubber based adhesive.
  • Non-glossy surface, organic look
  • #40 bleached, calendered paper liner.

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