Cover-Up Labels

Cover-up roll labels

Cover-up Roll Labels are mostly designed to cover the former label or part of the label. That happens very frequently when the former label is already printed and placed on the product and it becomes evident that something was incorrect, missing, or changed. Since cover-up labels cover something, they must be almost 100% opaque.  They are available in circle, oval, square, and rectangle with rounded corners or any special shapes, and they can be printed in black or in color.

Under this product category we offer the following 2 materials:

  • 48# CTT Cover-up paper
  • 2.3M White Metallized BOPP
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Lamination is an option for Roll Labels. Lamination is a thin layer of synthetic material applied or “laminated” over the image side of a printed piece. In addition to either a gloss or matte finish, it adds durability and a degree of moisture protection. There are two types of lamination: Gloss and Matte.

No lamination
Our inks are water and scratch-resistant. Lamination is not needed in most cases.

Gloss Lamination
Lamination with a shiny or “Gloss” finish.

Matte Lamination
Lamination with a flat or “matte” finish.

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